A bit about me


Hi! I'm Kalina, I'm a dance trapeze artist, coach and mentor, where it is my mission to guide artists and movers in discovering and cultivating their creativity.


I grew up in the Appalachian forests of West Virginia where trick riding, dancing, and tree climbing fostered an early love of instinctive movement. As I got older, these creative outlets were replaced by the study of contemporary dance, ballet, and physical theatre in the US, Switzerland, and the UK.  I took up circus arts in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, which led me to study at both the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona and the New England Center for Circus Arts, where I specialised in dance trapeze and flexibility. 


Hungry for more as both a circus artist and movement instructor I immersed myself in pilates, functional fitness, FRC, somatic practices, amongst various other movement practices - all of which gave me new insight to my disciplines in the circus arts. Over the years I developed my own approach to dance trapeze, born from a desire to feel free and organic in my movement.  This approach led me to travel, teach, and perform in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, and throughout Europe. 

I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland. A place I love deeply for it's ever changing weather and dramatic landscape that is a constant source of inspiration for my creative work.


My strength lies in reading the body.


In seeing and understanding how they move and what is needed to find the freedom and expression that each person seeks.

What does having a creative practice mean?

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