Unearthed Dance Trapeze Retreat 

March 29th - April 5th 2024


Transform your movement into a embodied artistic practice.


Unearthed  Dance Trapeze Retreat

I am delighted to be offering as a 7 day retreat at the breathtaking space of Airborne Arts in the jungle of Costa Rica


This retreat is about immersing yourself in your creative practice and your relationship to trapeze. Discovering what you deeply desire to express, the things that stand in your way, and how to transform these parts of yourself into movement and light. Over the course of the retreat you will be given the tools and guidance to build a practice that is both satisfying and freeing. Unearthed isn't about molding you to move or look like me or anyone else. It's about finding YOU and bringing that into your expression and movement, giving you a creative practice that unearths and liberates the deepest parts of yourself. 


What to expect:

Over the 7 days I will be guiding you through my methodology and creative practices that I developed for use in Unearthed (my 6 week online mentorship course) and my own work. You’ll have 2 classes each morning focused on spinning, sequencing, movement quality and expression. In the afternoon there will be plenty of open studio time to hone in on and cultivate the material from the morning classes. Each day will build on the next to expand and deepen your vocabulary of movement and your confidence in creative expression. We will have a sharing (mini performance) on the final evening of the retreat. 

There will be additional open studio time to explore, play, and jam to your hearts desire in the evening until 8pm.


Accommodation: Will be in Airborne's beautiful shared rooms you can see more here:


Food: Airborne Art’s will be catering for us each day with 3 delicious and locally sourced meals

Transport: You will be picked up from San Jose  Airport (or pre determined hotel) on March 29th and back to San Jose Airport on April 5th 

Cost: $2800 (a $500 deposit is required to secure your spot) -   



What level is it? Intermediate to advanced. This retreat is about cultivating and developing you as a trapeze artist. The most important part of that is that you already have a trapeze practice and feel comfortable moving on the apparatus. Strength wise having a few pull ups and feeling confident inverting in the air will be important for the spinning work we will do. 

Will I have the option to see some of the surrounding area? Yes definitely, there are options to arrange excursions through Airborne Arts (Note: these are at an additional cost)

Can I bring my own trapeze?: Yes you can!


This retreat is about developing your skills, movement and expression as a dance trapeze artist. 

I look forward to working with you! 

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March 29th - April 5th 2024


Dance Trapeze and creative coach