6 week online Dance Trapeze creative mentorship

Next cycle May 6th - June 16th 2024


Uneathing your movement & creativity


Unearthed Dance Trapeze Mentorship is a 6 week online creative development course, focused on delving deep into your creative center to emerge with a truer sense of your own style and expression on dance trapeze. In this course we'll explore your relationship to trapeze, your movement style, your creative goals and blockages. Expect to be challenged and ready to uncover your unique voice on this diverse apparatus. 


You will need access to safe rigging and a dance trapeze. The rest of the course is 100% online. 


This course isn't about teaching you to copy a certain style or to move like me. It's to move like YOU. It's about connecting and tuning into how your body likes to move, to look beyond tricks and poses. To become clearer and more confident about who you are on this apparatus. 



 6 week creative journey with Dance Trapeze to channel your experiences into your art

"Absolutely transformed my creative world, I approach my practice in a totally different way now, it works so well for me and I’m sure I would not be doing some of the things I am now (not all trapeze related) if not for Unearthed."

- Kris, cycle 2



"The journey you guide in Unearthed is incredible and will stick with me. I feel a sense of freedom when I think of expressing my own authentic movement. This course changed my whole experience, and has allowed me to open up to new organic exploration on my apparatus. Nothing has to be perfect, I don't have to hold back, or rush through uncomfortable moments."

- Nicole, cycle 4

What's included


  • Weekly worksheets and assignments to¬†identify and¬†develop¬†your goals, your style, and your expression¬†

  • Weekly practical assignments

  • Weekly group class¬†
  • 3 x 45 min 1:1 zoom calls with me¬†

  • Downloadable guided audios¬†

  • Video feedback and guidance¬†

  • Spinning technique & tips

  • Private group chat - to connect and share with other participants on the course¬†

  • Guidance and steps on how to market yourself as an artist - to get the work & opportunities you desire
  • Online sharing and discussion with other participants at the end of the course

  • As much email correspondence support from me as you need




What it would be like to have a trapeze practice that is a container for every part of you. A place of safety and freedom. A place you can channel all your experiences from life into your art. A place where all movement is welcome and good, where your body is supported and accepted. Where creativity flows abundantly, a space just for you. 


This is what I believe is possible for each person, this is what I will help you create for yourself if you choose it.


Who is this course for?


  • If you're a intermediate to advanced trapeze artist

  • If you're feeling dissatisfied¬†with your training and creative practice
  • If you're seeking a change and want to be challenged

  • If you struggle with comparing yourself to other aerialists and feel 'not good enough'¬†

  • If you're interested in freestyle/improvisation based movement

  • If you want to build confidence and conviction¬†in who you are as an artist¬†
  • If you're craving a deeper and more enriched trapeze practice¬†

  • If you want to support & guidance in how to market and share your work in the world



  A bit about me ...


Hi! I'm Kalina, I'm a dance trapeze artist, coach and mentor, where it is my mission to guide artists and movers in discovering and cultivating their creativity.


I grew up in the Appalachian forests of West Virginia where trick riding, dancing, and tree climbing fostered an early love of instinctive movement. As I got older, these creative outlets were replaced by the study of contemporary dance, ballet, and physical theatre in the US, Switzerland, and the UK.  I took up circus arts in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, which led me to study at both the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona and the New England Center for Circus Arts, where I specialised in dance trapeze and flexibility. 


Hungry for more as both a circus artist and movement instructor I immersed myself in pilates, functional fitness, FRC, somatic practices and several other movement practices - all of which gave me new insight to my disciplines in the circus arts. Over the years I developed my own approach to dance trapeze, born from a desire to feel free and organic in my movement.  This experimental approach led me to travel, teach, and perform in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, and throughout Europe. 


However I felt something was missing, I craved a deeper connection to my practice and my creativity. I found the traditional approach to aerial and circus work wasn’t satisfying me the way it once had, my body wasn’t feeling supported by the way I was training either. I stepped away from everything I'd been taught about how I should be training trapeze and I tuned into what I deeply needed. What I found was far greater than I could ever have imagined. I found a peace, joy and abundance in creativity I’d never experienced before. I built a relationship and connection to my body that supported the movement and expression I desired and had struggled to create for a long time. 


This was the catalyst for creating Unearthed. I knew I wanted to find a way to bring the insights, the methods, and the possibility that I discovered for myself, to share these with others

"Kalina reignited my love for dance trapeze. She is the most supportive mentor I could ask for. She has guided me to make work that I am proud to share with the world. Working with Kalina is the most valuable thing I have done for my dance trapeze practice."


"Unearthed gave me the permission to explore, with no right or wrong way, to be me on the Teardrop. Helped me focus on what my real goals were as a new Teardrop Trapeze artist and I could translate the leanings to any other apparatus of my choosing. I was able to hone in on my true artistic self vs. who others expect me to be. To this day I continue to use the tools that I was given and continue to be find my authenticity for me."


Over the course of the 6 weeks you will…


  • Build sequences and vocabulary that are unique to you
  • Learn how to integrate spinning into your movement
  • Develop your creativity & expression
  • Structure a trapeze and creative practice that supports you¬†
  • Feel more connected and aware of your body¬†
  • Gain more confidence in the way you move¬†
  • Release old ideas around how you ‚Äúshould‚ÄĚ be training and creating¬†
  • Become clearer about what you want to do in your trapeze practice and how YOU want to share that in the world
  • Create actionable steps¬†for making and getting the kind of work you dream of

What do I need?


  • Your own trapeze
  • Reliable studio space/ own rig
  • Good wifi where you train
  • A device to record videos on
  • At least 3hrs a week to dedicate to trapeze
  • A desire to create a meaningful practice

Are you ready to Unearth your creativity?




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The next cycle of Unearthed May 6th - June 16th 2024