Taking action on your creative dreams

3 month 1:1 mentorship to guide and support you in your journey as an artist 
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BARE Mentorship program


Is a three month long 1:1 mentorship tailored to support your specific goals, needs and dreams as an artist. 

This can be to make the act you've always dreamed of, to develop movement quality and vocabulary that truly represents your style, or it could be to deepen and connect to your creative practice from the ground up. Setting a foundation for you as an artist.  In BARE we will also work on how you share and present yourself in the world as an artist (ie making work and getting paid for it!). 

Is it time to take action on your creative goals? Are you ready to bring them into your reality, to fully live them? 

This is a deep dive into who you are, what you want to create, and why you want to create it. With an in-depth exploration of movement quality, emotional expression and the art of story telling. You'll emerge with creative work that truly represents you and the story you want to share with the world. 


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Sally share's about her experience during BARE...

BARE is aptly named. Embarking on this journey under Kalina's mentorship, I had to strip away pre-conceived ideas about my practice and myself, let go of the physical and mental barriers that constrained me and embrace the discomfort in order to move forward from a very stuck place in my life. BARE and working with Kalina has been a gift to myself to develop a creative practice that I can carry into my trapeze sessions and into other areas of my life that I'd firmly closed the door to. As a coach and mentor, Kalina is so supportive, nurturing and generous. She gently nudged me when I faltered (which was often) and she inspired me to take up space with both my ideas and my physical being. I will carry this experience with me and treasure this opportunity to work with an outstanding artist.

BARE - To brave the depths of yourself and bring to the surface your truest expression. Where you learn to lay bare the raw, honest, and expansive range of your creative voice in this world with fierce conviction.




  • 12 x 1:1 zoom calls with me

  • Worksheets to help you uncover the good stuff within

  • Weekly prompts and assignments specific to your goals

  • Downloadable guided audios to use in your practice

  • Guidance and coaching in how to structure a creative practice, promote yourself and get work 

  • Video review and feedback


"Working with Kalina gave me the confidence I needed in my artistic expression. The mentorship was extremely validating in my quest to express uncomfortable emotions through movement and to go beyond a tricks-based approach to aerial. I now feel like I have a solid base to continuously develop my own movement language on whatever piece of equipment I am on. Kalina's role as outside eye in the creation of a new trapeze piece was very tangible and precise, helping me make my act fun, beautiful and authentic, exactly what I'd set out to do at the beginning of the 3 months."

- Paula 



This is a mentorship that digs deep into the layers of the creative.


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